Tuesday, 30 March 2010

It's Nearly Easter!

While all of you are gorging on roasts and chocolate I will be working...boo!

Easter this year could be a more fashionable one due to the chic bunny ears that have been since Louis Vuitton AW09 and Maison Michel made popular. I think it took a while for people to catch on but now everybody from Lily Allen to the Olsens, Gaga of course and even Madonna have been out wearing them. The bloggers have done diy jobs...I said that I would but of course didn't! Just last week getting on the tube I sat across from a woman in her mid 30's wearing a white shirt, leather trousers and teeny tiny tuxedo jacket killer heels and a pair of satin bunny ears showing that it isn't just for editorials and the young (madge doesn't count). Tophop have got their own, Maison Michel have a new one for SS10 and I think over the spring people will be a bit brave and there will be lots more bunnies on the streets.

Topshop Ears

The Olsens at Opening Ceremony Japan wearing Maison Michel AW09 bunny and mouse ears.

Maison Michel SS10

Benoît Missolin SS10

Louis Vuitton AW09

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