Friday, 26 February 2010

Oh My Bones!

Dsquared² AW10. I NEED THESE!


My friend Fraser who is the co-host of radio show SPILL showed me the SS10 collection from Ant!podium and their inspiration is obviously Riot Grrrl. Yes the 90s are truly back! Sun bleached denim, chunky sandals and socks, lace up boots, lace, maxi skirts and bare midriffs. The collection is called 'Totally Tarot' which is another thing I love about this brand, everything is named. I really love the 'hang loose and ready for use' lace trousers. They did a 'Martin Cohn' and opened the show with a boy in true 90's androgyny style.

Boy wears 'Major Arcana' Handknit, 'Knit on the Side' Pullover, 'Tarot Minded' Skirt and 'Town Bike' Pant

Left- Levi's Jeans, 'Leg Over' Stirrup Right-'Well Hung' Blazer, Levi's Jeans

'Dolphins are Gay' Chakras Dress,'Great White' Chakra Crop, 'Knit on the Side' Wrap

'Nothing Compares' Shirt, 'Magic Carpet' Skirt, 'Leg Over' Stirrup

'Titty Limits' Bodysuit, 'Hanging Loose & Ready for Use' Pant

Levi's Jacket, 'Deep Forest' Maxi

'Tarot Minded' Dress
'Magic Carpet' Bomber
'Knit on the Side' Pullover

'Tarot Minded' Dress

'Tarot Minded' Dress
Levi' Shorts

'Combat with Me' Jacket Dress, 'Knit on the Side' Pullover', Combat with Me' Pant

And please check out the SPILL blog too!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Butcher Baby

Wendy O from The Plasmatics was charmingly outrageous. She got naked on stage while blowing up cars and chainsawing guitars. I love a performance! However she was also incredibly funny and in interviews she comes off quite shy...which I like. I hate it when artists are so up themselves. Its endearing when people who have made a name for themselves are still approachable especially someone who seems intimidating like Wendy O.

When she did have clothes on they were amazing. Leopard print catsuits, skin tight pvc trousers and crop tops and her spiked elbow pads. Love it.

Its such a shame she killed herself in 1998.

Enjoy this live video of 'Butcher Baby' where she performs with pegs on her nipples and is covered in shaving foam.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Gotta Love A Body-Con

So for me New York Fashion Week wasn't that exciting. There was pleanty of beautiful pieces but there was very few I was mad about about.

Jeremy Scott was one of the ones I was mad about. I did think he was going to be in London again this season but lucky for New York he has went back across the pond. This collection was less tongue in cheek as his former collections with the exception of a few pieces like the train of a long black dress was a slip dress carried on a gold Jeremy Scott hanger by the model and the black unitard with a life size silhouette belted to the waist.

Besides this there was alot of wearable pieces that was right up my street such as the long sleeved body cons with fashion illustration prints another with gun-target print with double bulls eye over boobs and the best one was black velvet with crosses all over it! Also there is rubber, sheer black, a bat wing jumper that spells out style from arm to arm, cone bra and embellished biker jackets.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


The whole skinny versus curvy girls from a fashion perspective is something that pisses me off.

The lines are unnecessarily blurred between 'normal' people and models. There is a clear difference. You and I shouldn't feel the need to be super skinny like the models even though its very difficult! And models shouldn't be criticized for being skinny because that's part of their job. They are human hangers there to be viewed by the editors and buyers wearing garments to their full potential so they can make a relevant judgement.

Mark Fast's AW10 collection says it all with size 16 model Crystal Renn walking in his show. The first thing i saw was her unproportional body and her bumpy bits in the red body con. And another model's boobs were bouncing alot as she walked and definitely not in the sexy way but in the buy-a-sports-bra way. Don't get me wrong alot of plus size models I have seen are beautiful and have balanced out bodies which I think critical when being plus sized modelbut I don't agree with the girls being on the runway as they don't translate into the clothes horse as a tall skinny girl would which is essential for the people watching the show.

I also thought it was incredibly irritating that so many people criticized the stylist Erika Kurihara for walking out three days before Mark Fast's last seasons show because of the change to used plus sized models. She was right to, for another reason besides not showing off the clothes correctly as she said, 'Two of the bigger girls, although their faces were beautiful and their bodies beautiful, did not have the right walk for the catwalk. The walk is very important and I wasn't happy.' Did anybody talk about the clothes? No they talked about the scandal. Publicity stunt? Probably. I had not even heard of him before this.

The model should not detract from the clothes in anyway and that goes for forcing yourself you be so thin you end up fainting moments before the show. Yes models have collapsed and in Luisel Ramos case even died due to being being under weight but the British fashion council has recognised this, weight is being monitored and designers must provide food at every show. I worked on London Fashion Week last season and the designers did comply and the models did eat. The whole size zero debate and models being skeletons is such broken record when its shouldn't be as it's obesity that's the problem in the country. The media go look down 'skinny' because it makes the the rest of the women in Britain feel better about their bodies. Maybe we are just conditioned to see thin on the runway and if plus sized girls had a regular appearance there would all get get used to it? Would the buyers, editors and fashion journalists adapt to this to give a unbias opinion about the clothes? Maybe. The papers and gossip magazines said were happy too see 'real' women. But I don't want real women on the catwalk. I see them every day its so normal its boring. I want the weird and wonderful. Fashion is unapologetically outrageous, over the top and unbelievably beautiful. Real or normal doesn't fit in here. I want to gasp in awe not in horror.

And at the end of the day the clothes on the catwalk are just samples and are made into bigger sizes when they get into stores so is there any need to see the bigger size on the runway? No. And no offence the model in Fast's AW10 show but there a million ways to make her curves look fabulous and Mark Fast's dresses are not one of them. Good luck with sales Fast, you'll need it after that show.

Mark Fast AW10

What do you think? Let me know!

and ps. another detraction from the clothes that pisses me off is using the celebraties on the runway. I know it gets media attention and that's good for them blah blah but I couldn't tell you anything from Vivienne Westwood's Red Label SS10 due to all the celebs on the catwalk. Viv says she has nothing to do with her Red Label thank god.

Oh My What Great Big Eyes You Have!

I love fairytales, the mystical, magical, wonderful and fantasical stories that take you back to childhood at even the thought of any of them.

I decided to do my own take of fairytale classic Little Red Riding Hood but twisted the tale to an edgy Little Black Riding Hood. The shoot is in Indicate magazine. Click here to have a look.

I think I might do more twisted fairytale shoots. I have a few more ideas so watch this space!

Here are some of my favourite fairytale shoots.

Dree Hemmingway as Cinderella in French Elle Dec 09

Natalia Vodianova as Alice shot by Annie Leibovitz US Vogue Dec 03

Lady Gaga as the wicked witch and Lily Cole and Andrew Garfield as Hansel and Gretel. This was shot by Annie Leibovitz for US Vogue Dec 09.

Drew Barrymore in Beauty and the Beast for US Vogue April 05.

Keriah Knightley in the Wizard of Oz shot by Annie Leibovitz for US Vogue Dec 05.

A series of fairytale shoots from the photgrapher Eugneio Recuenco.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Heather Huey

A couture milliner with a penchant for creating cages and body cocoons.


Vogue Korea Dec 09

Numero Dec 09

Vogue Italia Sept 09

Zink Magazine

Mode March 09