Friday, 29 January 2010

Can Someone Buy Me These Please?

Litter SF Leg Garter

'Drink Me' Necklace

Ebay random 90s tacky t-shirt

Jeffrey Campbell Alexa Wedges

Nasty Gal Ripper Tee

Wildfox Holier Than Thou Tee

Motel Stripe Pants- Pixie Market

Black Milk Sheer Spartans

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Girl Crush?

Androgyny at its best people! This beauty signed to DNA is a boy! Martin Cohn is the new 'IT' boy taking over New York so much so that people have been calling look-a-likes the Cohn Clones. Modelling in women and menswear shows he is the first model of his kind not just for his beauty for for amazing style donning leather dresses and heels some nights and black skinnys and Chelsea boots other nights making everyone straight or gay, man or woman fighting over him! Even my straight guy pal (who wont let me mention his name!) really fancies him! Look out for him over fashion week.

Obesity & Speed

A New York based design duo that drived the name from a punk band they once loved create the kind of t-shirts I love. They are loose and thin, some with hoods and others with cobweb backs. The collections are very dark, with some distorted images and classic rock and roll prints(stripes, animal print and skulls) and some t-shirts have the upside down cross that I just decided last night I would like tattooed on my ribs soon.

These will be going on my long list of things I really want.

Not just t-shirts though, studded jeans and accesories too. Keep an eye out for there S/S10 collection here.

Designer Fast Food?

Chanel can make the most disgusting things look fabulous.

And wise words from Karl Lagerfeld...MUST OBEY!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Silja Magg

OK so I have been not posting very much because I was trying to find a way to make my photos on here nice and big as they always get cut off at the side when I do. I've seen other blogs with massive photos you have to scroll down to see the whole picture and THAT'S WHAT I WANT! I have no clue still so ill just continue on until someone helps me. Doing it myself being as dense about HTML malarkey isn't going to do it.

Anyway! Here is ALOT of work from Icelandic photographer Silja Magg. I tried to just pick my very favourite but couldn't they are so many that are just so beautiful I couldn't shortlist. I love the reoccuring raw naked, messy hair smoking ones...just amazing.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sorry I Have Been Quiet...

A lil something for you just now, ill be back properly soon. Here is a some Through The Looking Glass pleasure...

Natalia Vodianova British Vogue June 2009